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Another side of the Internet

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing good. Today, after a long time, I tried to write something new. In this blog, I'll tell you that what we often see on the Internet is a small part of the Internet. That's the theme of this blog. I tried to make it informative. I hope you will… Continue reading Another side of the Internet


A Brief History Of The Web (Repost)..

Image credit: Google Only twenty years after internet's invention, the World Wide Web has become commonplace and has fundamentally changed the way we work, live, and interact with others. However, the medium is in many ways still in its infancy, and as you progress in learning about designing Web pages, you will encounter many significant… Continue reading A Brief History Of The Web (Repost)..

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Thank You!!!

Hello my dear readers and writers, I hope you all are healthy and enjoying your life happily. I am very excited to write this blog. A few days ago I received a notification on WordPress which said - "Congratulations on getting 200 total follows on Jatin's golB!" This is so good to see. Then at… Continue reading Thank You!!!

Short article

Divine Presence

Image by Google According to our ancient Indian culture, i.e. Vedic culture, God exists who controls every activity that takes place in the entire universe.           But in today’s physical perspective, where science dominates the whole world, some people refuse to accept divine authority. They understand that all the activities of the world are governed… Continue reading Divine Presence

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दोस्ती: एक अलबेला रिश्ता

Image credit: Pexels सुख-दुख की कहानी का नाम है दोस्ती, सदा ही मुस्कुराने का राज है दोस्ती, यह कोई पलभर की पहचान नहीं, उम्र भर साथ निभाने का वादा है दोस्ती। दो अनजानों को जोड़ दे वह रिश्ता है दोस्ती, जिंदगी कैसी भी हो पर रास्ता मोड़ देना है दोस्ती, जो मजबूर कर दे दोस्त… Continue reading दोस्ती: एक अलबेला रिश्ता

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प्रकृति| कल और आज

Image credit: Google ‘प्रकृति’......वाह! यह शब्द सुनते ही मन में पक्षियों की मधुर चहचाहट, कल-कल बहती नदियों की मधुर ध्वनि, हवा की सरसराहट, झरनों से गिरता पानी और हरे-भरे वृक्षों का हवा में मंद-मंद झूमने का चलचित्र स्वतः ही प्रकट हो जाता है। सचमुच आनंदमयी दृश्य। ‘प्रकृति’, एक छोटा सा नाम परंतु स्वयं में गूढ़… Continue reading प्रकृति| कल और आज

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World’s Top Tech Companies Help Against COVID-19

Image credit: Google Every type of company and startup is helping the world against the Coronavirus, no matter how big or small that help is. We have known in our previous post how AI-based startups are helping the world against COVID-19. Similarly, I have brought some interesting information for you today. Through this post you… Continue reading World’s Top Tech Companies Help Against COVID-19

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The Use of AI-based Startups Against COVID-19

Image credit: Google What did anyone know about the world wide epidemic called Coronavirus, that today we will have to see a day when the whole world will stop and people will be imprisoned in their homes? Nobody knew that the virus named Corona would come out of Wuhan city of China and engulf the… Continue reading The Use of AI-based Startups Against COVID-19


‘Work From Home’ Culture

Image credit: Google The whole world is affected due to the novel Coronavirus. Coronavirus has affected every region of the world. Coronavirus has affected the areas of Education, Health, Telecom Companies, Real Estate, Film Industry etc. In such a situation, most of the companies have advised their employees to work from home. Hello, I Jatin,… Continue reading ‘Work From Home’ Culture

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The business of web design

Image credit: Google There is an interlocking relationship between the budget of a site and its scope and timeline. A change in one element will affect at least one of the others. If you are freelance web designer, you may be dealing with a client directly; if you are working in an organization, the “client”… Continue reading The business of web design

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एक अनजान

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV एक अनजान सा था ना जाने कैसे जान बन गया, जिंदगी के इस सफर में एक अच्छा यार मिल गया, सुख में तो सब साथ देते, वो मुसीबत में भी साथ दे गया, इस मतलबी दुनिया में, एक सच्चा यार मिल गया, एक अनजान सा था ना जाने कैसे जान बन… Continue reading एक अनजान